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He’s here to help

This retail associate always puts his customers first

A smiling postal worker leans on a Priority Mail box on a retail countertop
Kobi Logan, a retail associate, stands at the counter in the Simpsonville, MD, Post Office.

My name is Kobi Logan and I’m a retail associate at the Simpsonville, MD, Post Office, about 20 miles south of Baltimore. I started early last year.

What is my day like? Fun! We have a lot of fun here. The customers are great.

For example, that woman who just came to the window? I asked her if she was starting a business. She is, and was so grateful I put in a lead to have the sales team contact her. I regularly submit leads like that.

Before joining USPS, I was in the Army and worked for 23 years for a former employer as a district manager and in loss prevention.

I relied on the Postal Service a lot. We used Every Door Direct Mail and Certified Mail all the time. I’m glad I can bring real-world experience to the job.

People tell me, “You should be in sales.” I am in sales. I like to talk.

Recently a woman came in to inquire about mailing hats. I asked if this was for a business and put her in touch with the sales team. During the exchange, she told me her son needed a kidney transplant.

Did the lead pan out? I don’t know. But she did come back to do a lot of shipping here, and she showed me pictures of her son. He got the transplant. That was a gift to me. She didn’t have to share that with me, but she did. It’s reciprocal.

Customer service is not what you think it is. It’s whether the customers believe you are giving it. You can have in your mind that you’re doing all the right things, but it’s whether or not the customer believes it.

That is where our customer surveys come in. If we’re messing up, we want to know.

I live in West Baltimore and when I’m not at work, I’m pretty much a homebody. I have kids, biological as well as through my exes, and I do things with them on the regular. I’ve done outreach for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Army Explorers, too.

It’s all about reaching out to people who need it.

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