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An unexpected path

A carrier helped free a customer pinned by a scooter

A smiling man stands in a Post Office workroom
Evarts, KY, Rural Carrier Matthew Sizemore

Rural Carrier Matthew Sizemore was recently delivering mail in Evarts, KY, when he saw a customer on an electric mobility scooter lose control of it.

The scooter veered off a road and went over an embankment, landing on the man and pinning him face down.

Sizemore rushed to help the customer. Unable to lift the scooter, he managed to reposition it so the man could breathe more easily.

The customer declined Sizemore’s offer to call 911, so the Postal Service employee contacted members of the man’s family who lived nearby.

Sizemore and the relatives freed the man and got him to a safe spot. A neighbor then used a tractor to pull the scooter back to the road.

The customer sustained minor injuries.

“Given the remote location where the incident occurred, no one would have found him until it was too late if our carrier had not been there,” said local Postmaster Terry Ramsey.