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‘This day will forever be with me’

An employee performed CPR on a pedestrian struck by a car

Smiling woman wearing postal uniform shirt stands in front of U.S. flag
Amarillo, TX, City Carrier Assistant Darian Bolton

City Carrier Assistant Darian Bolton was making a delivery in Amarillo, TX, last fall when she witnessed an accident involving an automobile and a pedestrian.

Bolton called 911 as she rushed to aid the 69-year-old man, who had been hit by a car while attempting to cross a nearby intersection. She reported the details of the incident and the man’s condition: He was not breathing and did not have a detectable pulse.

The Postal Service employee performed CPR on the man until emergency responders arrived and took over. The man was transported to a hospital.

Bolton later learned that he had died.

“This day will forever be with me,” she said.