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The fall guy

This carrier caught a collapsing customer

Smiling man wearing postal uniform
Harrisburg, PA, Letter Carrier Justin Montero

Letter Carrier Justin Montero was delivering mail along his Harrisburg, PA, route last August when he noticed a customer who appeared to be overheated.

Montero waved to the 80-year-old and said, “Good morning.” He knew something was wrong when she didn’t reply. She also appeared to have a blank look on her face.

As Montero approached to check on her, he saw that she was starting to fall and caught her in his arms as she passed out.

The Postal Service employee carried the customer out of the sun and into her home. As she regained consciousness, he gave her water to drink.

Montero offered to call 911 but the woman declined and asked that her relatives be contacted. He stayed and comforted the customer until her family arrived.