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Best of the West, bar none

A California clerk marks his long run and a Minnesota retiree honors letter carriers

Smiling man stands near a TV news microphone
Leroy Brown speaks to a TV news crew at the luncheon marking his 70 years of federal service.

Leroy Brown, a general clerk at the Los Angeles International Service Center, recently marked 70 years of federal service — 68 of them with USPS.

At a celebration in his honor held late last year, the Western Division processing operations team presented Brown with a certificate and special service coin, and family, friends and colleagues shared stories about him.

“Going to work keeps me busy and lively. I like being around the people I work with,” Brown said.

What’s the secret of his longevity?

Retiree Tracie Hill-Sandifer, the center’s former plant manager, said it may have something to do with his daily dose of a certain candy bar.

“If you want to live to be 90-plus, eat Snickers,” she told the crowd.

A statue with no limitations

A new statue in Mankato, MN, honors letter carriers.

The 6-foot bronze rendering of a smiling carrier delivering mail was commissioned by Harold Weed, a retired letter carrier who told The Free Press he and his wife, Alice, wanted to “give back” to the community.

Weed, who worked for USPS for 30 years, said he hopes the statue makes passersby appreciate carriers.

“What I’m thinking is that people, as they drive by and walk by, and see it … maybe they’ll realize how much of a service the letter carriers give them,” Weed said.

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