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Easy does it

USPS ranks high on ‘simple’ branding list

The Postal Service’s new USPS Ground Advantage product received praise in the latest World’s Simplest Brands report.

The Postal Service has one of the nation’s simplest brands, according to a new study that shows consumers are increasingly putting a premium on straightforward, uncomplicated experiences.

The latest World’s Simplest Brands report shows consumers are spoiled for choice, and most of them are so overwhelmed, they’re willing to pay more for an easy, clear-cut experience.

The Postal Service — which ranks second on the list of U.S. simple brands, behind Whole Foods Market — is praised for products such as USPS Ground Advantage, a new offering that allows customers to ship packages in just 2-5 business days across the contiguous United States.

Business publication Fast Company quoted Brian Rafferty, an executive with the firm that produced the report, connecting simplicity with trust.

“There’s a huge relationship between trust and simplicity, or distrust and complexity. It’s about being able to take the noise away and focus. Brands need to know what they stand for, and stay true to it,” Rafferty said.