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USPS Ground Advantage

New shipping offering now available

USPS Ground Advantage includes free package pickup at homes and offices.

The Postal Service has launched USPS Ground Advantage, a new offering that provides a simple, reliable and more affordable way to ship packages in 2-5 business days across the contiguous United States.

“USPS Ground Advantage is a game-changer — for our customers, the industry and USPS. By efficiently and effectively integrating our ground transportation model to the magnificence of our last-mile delivery operations, we can now offer the most compelling ground shipping offering in the market,” said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. “With USPS Ground Advantage, we are ready to compete for an increased share of the growing package business.”

With the product’s launch, the Postal Service is retiring three offerings: USPS Retail Ground, USPS Parcel Select Ground and USPS First-Class Package Service, as well as Ground Returns and First-Class Package Returns.

USPS Ground Advantage is an important part of the Postal Service’s shipping growth strategy as part of the 10-year Delivering for America plan.

A new shipping portfolio — consisting of USPS Ground Advantage, USPS Connect Local and USPS Connect Regional — will help the organization compete effectively for packages under 25 pounds that can be transported by ground, within a region across states, and across the nation.

USPS Ground Advantage’s features will include free package pickup at homes and offices and $100 of insurance for both outbound and return shipments.

The offering is available wherever customers ship from, including all 34,000 Post Offices or through Click-N-Ship.

In a recent episode of the Postal Service’s “Mailin’ It” podcast, Jakki Krage Strako, the organization’s chief commerce and business solutions officer, discussed USPS Ground Advantage and how the Postal Service is focused on strengthening its shipping services under Delivering for America.

Strako also discusses USPS Ground Advantage on Postal Posts, the USPS blog.

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