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Voyager duties

Managers should keep accounts up to date

Fleet managers should make sure that vehicles have their own fuel card.

The Postal Service is reminding managers at sites that use Voyager credit cards to keep current on their fuel card management duties as the peak holiday season begins.

Site managers should:

Enter and review all required data and ensure the accuracy of all drivers’ information when creating or reactivating driver profiles.

Ensure that all drivers have their own PIN. PIN sharing is not allowed, and each driver should have one PIN.

Make sure that each vehicle, including leased vehicles, has its own fuel card. Sharing cards between vehicles is not allowed.

Purchase only regular unleaded fuel. There are no vehicles in the postal fleet that require upgraded fuel types.

Remember to reconcile fuel purchases in the Fleet Asset Management System each month. Site managers who have a large number of vehicles should reconcile fuel purchases more often.

More information about the fuel card program can be found on Blue.

Employees with questions can email the fuel fleet team at