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Don’t be fuelish

Gas up wisely with Voyager credit cards

Employees should always choose regular unleaded fuel for postal vehicles.

The Postal Service wants employees to always choose regular unleaded fuel when purchasing gas for vehicles in the USPS fleet.

Using premium fuel is against postal policy. To ensure accuracy, review the receipt after each transaction and report discrepancies in fuel type to the merchant and your manager. An account dispute form is available on Blue.

Reporting anomalies will keep the Postal Service from overspending on premium fuel.

Also remember: Don’t use Voyager cards to put fuel in a personal vehicle or to pay for snacks, drinks or other convenience items.

Both USPS and the Office of Inspector General routinely audit Voyager card usage, and violators are regularly caught.

Employees should also keep Voyager cards in a secure location.

Drivers must sign out cards prior to leaving the office and return them to the secure storage location.

These efforts will protect USPS from potential fraud and misuse.

Employees with questions about the use of Voyager cards can email More information is available on the Fuel Cards page on Blue.