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Cybersecurity training

Employees must take course by Sept. 26

The CyberSafe Fundamentals course is available on HERO.

All Postal Service employees with an ACE ID must complete the annual CyberSafe at USPS training by Sept. 26.

The course, called CyberSafe Fundamentals, presents the skills and knowledge needed to follow cybersecurity policy and practices to protect the organization’s electronic information.

This training is mandatory, but employees can opt out if they pass a one-time pretest.

Available on the HERO site on Blue or LiteBlue, the course also provides best practices for handling sensitive and sensitive-enhanced information to keep USPS electronic data secure.

Employees who do not meet the Sept. 26 deadline will have limited ACE system access until the course is completed.

For more information, go to the CyberSafe at USPS training page on Blue or email