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SOS: Save often, seriously

Always back up your data

Postal Service employees and contractors should regularly back up their data to the cloud or to USPS-approved external and flash drives.

The Postal Service is reminding employees and contractors to regularly back up essential digital files on their computers and mobile devices because lost files are often difficult, if not impossible, to recover.

Human error, malware, technology failure, viruses, accidents and theft can all result in lost documents, photos, charts, presentations and other data, which is often considerably more valuable to users than the computer or mobile device it’s stored on.

Users have several options for backing up data.

For instance, computers and other mobile devices can be set up for automatic cloud storage backups. Similarly, iPhone and Android mobile phones offer backup options.

Computer users — including those using USPS laptops — also have the option to copy data to external hard drives and flash drives.

USPS-approved external and flash drives are available from eBuyPlus.

Employees and contractors should never store personal data on postal computers or mobile devices.

The CyberSafe at USPS Blue, LiteBlue and Monthly Awareness Campaigns pages have additional information.