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Zoom enhancements

‘Immersive view’ among upgrades

Members of the Postal Service’s Endpoint Technology Engineering team use Zoom’s immersive view feature during a recent meeting.

Zoom, the video conferencing platform used by the Postal Service, has added several enhancements for meetings and webinars.

Here are some of the upgrades and how they work:

Immersive view: As many as 25 participants can be placed into a single virtual background scene by selecting “Immersive view” in a meeting or webinar.

Advanced polls and quizzing: The current polls feature allows users to create single- or multiple-choice questions. The advanced polls and quizzing option adds additional responses such as ranked choice.

Consolidation of dropdown menu: The menu functions have been streamlined.

Gallery view sorting options: Hosts can sort the order of video tiles by first name, last name and meeting entry time.

Raised hand enhancements: A pop-up message makes it easier for hosts to be aware of raised hands.

Join flow: This new function combines the “Join before host” and “Waiting room” windows and includes a video preview before joining.

Updated sign-in page: This page sports a new look.

The IT Self Help/ServiceNow portal has more information about these new features.

For general information about Zoom, check out the Zoom Conferencing page on Blue.