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Zoom, improved

Screen share preview among upgrades

Zoom has new features for Postal Service employees and contractors who use the video conferencing platform.

Zoom, the Postal Service’s video conferencing platform, has added several enhancements for meetings and webinars.

Here are some of the new features and how they work:

Screen share preview: No longer will users sharing screens have to ask, “Can you see my screen?” By hovering a mouse near the meeting controls toolbar, a preview of the content/window being shared will appear.

Advanced share: Users can now share PowerPoint presentations as a virtual background and their video feed will be imposed directly on the screen.

Whiteboard: A tab for whiteboards has been added in Zoom Team Chat, and users can now create a whiteboard in the Zoom web portal or in a meeting or webinar. In addition, content can be added outside of a meeting or webinar and whiteboards can be saved for future use.

Annotation toggle pen: The pen becomes available in the lower-left corner of the screen when hosts share their screens, making it easier to access the annotation tool.

For more information on Zoom, check out the Zoom Conferencing page on Blue. More information on the new features is available in an article on the IT Self Help/ServiceNow Portal.