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Honoring accomplishments

PCC Leadership Awards announced

The recipients of this year’s PCC Leadership Awards gathered at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

USPS has announced the recipients of this year’s PCC Leadership Awards, honoring postal customer councils throughout the nation.

The councils, also known as PCCs, are local groups that allow businesses and the Postal Service to build relationships, increase the use of mail and address mutual concerns.

More than 220 nominations were submitted for this year’s awards, which honor exemplary work to strengthen and grow the PCC network.

The recipients were:

PCC of the Year: Twin Cities PCC (metro market), Steel Valley PCC (large market) and West Michigan PCC (small market)

District Manager of the Year: Richard Moreton, Michigan 1 District

PCC Postal Members of the Year: George Kippenhan, Boston customer service support supervisor, Greater Boston PCC (gold); Jeffery Braaksma, Madison, WI, customer relations coordinator, Greater Madison Area PCC (silver); and Edwin Vivas, Fort Lauderdale, FL, customer relations coordinator, PCC of Broward County (bronze)

PCC Industry Members of the Year: Suzi Oswald, Twin Cities PCC (gold); Jim Fortune, Pikes Peak PCC (silver); and Kim Waltz, PCC of Providence (bronze)

Innovation of the Year: PCC of Providence (gold), Santa Ana District PCC (silver) and South Jersey PCC (bronze)

Communications excellence: Santa Ana District PCC (gold), Greater Baltimore PCC (silver) and Northeast Florida PCC (bronze)

Education excellence: Greater Oklahoma PCC (gold), Greater Portland PCC (silver) and Sacramento PCC (bronze)

Membership excellence: Northern Ohio PCC (gold), Central Arkansas PCC (silver) and Greater St. Louis PCC (bronze)

The PostalPro website has more information on the PCCs.