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Follow the rules for pesticide use, storage

Chemical pesticides should only be applied by a USPS integrated pest management national contractor.

The Postal Service is reminding employees to always follow procedures to properly manage, store and dispose of pesticides.

Pesticides are regulated because they contain chemicals that can be dangerous to human health, the environment and water quality.

Never purchase or apply restricted-use pesticides or concentrated pesticides that require mixing. USPS policy prohibits employees from mixing or applying restricted-use pesticides.

Chemical pesticides can only be used as a last resort and only by a USPS integrated pest management national contractor.

Facilities are permitted to purchase and apply nonconcentrated, premixed pesticides for minor spot treatments.

Always exercise caution when applying pesticides, which must not enter stormwater drains, basins or ponds.

Here are tips for pesticide storage and disposal:

• Maintain only limited quantities of pest control products.

• Store pesticides closed and in their original containers, following storage instructions on the label.

• Never store pesticides in cabinets with or near food or medical supplies or in places where they might spill or leak into wells, drains, groundwater or surface water.

• Remove all devices and excess products after completing pesticide application.

• Never pour leftover pesticides down the sink, into the toilet, down a sewer or down a street drain.

• Arrange for off-site hazardous waste disposal using the mandatory Safety Kleen hazardous waste management contract through eBuy Plus. Maintain shipment and disposal records on site.

• Never reuse empty pesticide containers, which must be placed in the trash, unless the label specifies a different disposal procedure.

More information is available in the Integrated Pest Management Environmental Compliance Bulletin and on the Environmental Affairs and Corporate Sustainability Blue page.