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Time to chill

Keep equipment with refrigerants in compliance

Drinking fountains may contain refrigerants and must be properly managed.

USPS is reminding postal facilities to properly manage equipment containing refrigerants, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Refrigerant-containing equipment includes chillers, air conditioners, fire suppression systems, drinking fountains, refrigerators and freezers.

Never vent or otherwise release refrigerants into the atmosphere.

Refrigerants, refrigerant-containing equipment and cylinders must be disposed of properly.

Other refrigerant management requirements include:

• Maintaining required documentation, including any air permits, and paying related fees

• Investigating refrigerant leaks and repairing leaking equipment

• Managing refrigerant storage cylinders properly

• Completing required refrigerant training

• Obtaining Environmental Protection Agency technician certification

Training, handling, recordkeeping and disposal requirements apply to both postal employees and contractors performing maintenance on USPS equipment that contains refrigerants.

The Environmental Affairs and Corporate Sustainability Blue page has additional information.