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Safety Leadership and Vision Award winners announced

The Riverton, NJ, Post Office received a USPS Safety Leadership and Vision Award for its safety awareness display.

The Postal Service recently announced four winners of the Safety Leadership and Vision Awards, which honor the people and projects that go above and beyond to create a safer workplace.

The winners are:

The driver safety instructors at the Pittsburgh Processing and Distribution Center, for demonstrating the organization’s safety mission during employee training;

• Nicky Wu, a carrier technician in California 1 District, for influencing and motivating colleagues to improve safety;

• Carolina Medina and Allan Almirol of the California 6 District Safety and Health Committee, for imaginative campaigns on accident prevention; and

The Riverton Post Office in New Jersey, for its creative office display on safety awareness.

“Each of this year’s honorees demonstrates the values, attitudes, goals and proficiency that make them role models for postal workplaces everywhere,” said Linda DeCarlo, the Postal Service’s occupational safety and health senior director.

The winners received recognition and a reward plaque for their efforts in fiscal year 2022.

Nominations for fiscal year 2023 are being accepted through Sept. 30.

The Safety Leadership and Vision Awards Blue page has more information about the program and submitting nominations.