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Safety leaders

USPS announces award honorees

USPS will hold a virtual ceremony next week to honor the Safety Leadership and Vision Award recipients.

The Postal Service has honored one area and four districts with this year’s Safety Leadership and Vision Awards.

The awards, introduced in 2019, honor areas and districts that exceed requirements in maintaining safe workplaces based on key criteria, such as reducing accident rates and improving performance compared with the same period one year earlier.

This year’s honorees are Western Area and two of its districts, Hawkeye and Northland, as well as Greater Michigan and Westchester districts.

“The Safety Vision and Leadership Awards honor teams that make safe workplaces a priority, day in and day out,” said Linda DeCarlo, the Postal Service’s occupational safety and health senior director. “Each of this year’s honorees demonstrate the values, attitudes, goals and proficiency that make them role models for postal workplaces everywhere.”

Western and the four districts were honored for a variety of unique approaches to safety, including the creation of innovative awareness campaigns, a focus on workplace observations and engaging all team members to make safety a core value.

A virtual ceremony to honor this year’s recipients will be held next week. Each honoree will receive a trophy, a certificate of achievement and banners to display in their workplaces.

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