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Feel Like a Million

Wellness challenge opens April 10

The Feel Like a Million challenge will help participants earn virtual dollars.

Registration for a spring wellness challenge that encourages participants to embrace healthy habits while striving to earn a virtual jackpot opens April 10.

Feel Like a Million is a voluntary six-week program that encourages participants to move more, eat more healthfully and spend time in nature, among other wellness goals.

Participants earn virtual dollars whenever they record a wellness activity. Each recorded activity is also rewarded with an insight into reinvigorating the body and mind. The goal is to reach 1 million virtual dollars.

Employees are encouraged to create teams of up to five members to help each other stay motivated. Participating in small groups can make the challenge more engaging and provides an opportunity for team building.

If you do join a team, you will be able to earn additional virtual dollars upon completion of Thrive Thursdays challenges.

The program is open to all federal employees, including family members ages 13 and older.

Registration opens Monday, April 10, and participants may begin recording progress on Monday, April 24. All teams must be formed by Monday, May 8.

Participation is voluntary and must be done off the clock.

The challenge ends Sunday, June 4, but you may update activity until team scores freeze on Monday, June 5.

More information can be found on LiteBlue.