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The results are in

USPS tops in spring challenge participation

USPS employees logged 436.6 million steps during the 10K-A-Day challenge.

The Postal Service had the most participation of any federal agency in 10K-A-Day, the spring wellness challenge for federal employees.

The challenge, which ran from May 2 to June 12, was designed to build healthy habits while allowing participants to travel virtually around the globe.

Participants were urged to track physical activity, access recipes, answer trivia questions and offer each other motivation and support.

USPS had 1,681 employees take part. Of those, 1,195 chose to log steps, leading to a total of 436.6 million steps logged for the challenge.

If you missed the spring challenge but are looking for ways to incorporate healthy behaviors into your lifestyle, go to the Wellness LiteBlue page for information and ideas.