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End transmission

USPS will no longer use Postal Vision

A monitor at the Jacksonville, FL, Network Distribution Center displays information through Informed Facility, a content delivery platform that is replacing Postal Vision.

Postal Vision will cease broadcasting at the end of June to USPS facilities that use the application.

Commonly found in break rooms and other nonpublic areas at Post Offices, mail processing centers and other postal facilities, Postal Vision screens have been a standard way for the organization to disseminate information to employees.

The Postal Service is decommissioning the application because the vendor is no longer supporting it.

In its place, the organization is implementing Informed Facility, which is a similar content delivery platform.

Employees with Postal Vision accounts should request access to Informed Facility through ARIS, the platform for USPS digital resources on ACE computers.

Employees switching to Informed Vision will be offered training on how to use it.

More information is available in the March 7, 2023, CIO Notice of Information.