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Informed facilities

New platform provides real-time data

Three employees look at board
Employees at the Jacksonville, FL, Network Distribution Center check out an Informed Facility display monitor. From left are Mail Handler Associate Marina Klymovych, Distribution Operations Manager Ben Whitfield and Clerk Tameka Benjamin.

Informed Facility, the Postal Service’s newest content delivery platform, is providing valuable, real-time information for the organization.

The online system includes dashboards and slideshows that can be displayed in postal facilities on monitors and ACE workstations.

Informed Facility is also designed to complement existing data sources and dashboards, bringing them together in a central location.

“It’s a great way to consistently message our goals as well as other information employees have requested,” said St. Louis Plant Manager Pamela Meehan. “Within just a week of Informed Facility messaging, we rose from the bottom 10 in at-risk performance and have been climbing steadily ever since.”

USPS has 212 sites that use more than 2,600 Informed Facility boards. The system is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to use data to become more efficient.

Informed Facility offers automatically refreshing reports as new data becomes available, and a choice of screen layouts that can display as many as four reports at a time.

The system can also be tailored to a specific audience, such as executives, managers or front-line employees.

Additionally, the platform allows users to upload custom content to create a diverse selection of reports based on data not currently available in the system, as well as local events, employee engagement activities, service talks and instructional messaging.

The Informed Facility Blue page has additional information.

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