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Summer stamps

Release dates, locations announced

The Postal Service will release the U.S. Flag stamp on April 10.

The Postal Service has announced release dates and dedication locations for stamps that will be issued from June through August:

U.S. Flag, April 10, Freedom, ME; no ceremony

Waterfalls, June 13, Yellowstone National Park, WY

Northern Cardinal Stamped Envelope, July 9, Bird City, KS; no ceremony

John Lewis, July 21, Atlanta

Life Magnified, Aug. 10, Cleveland

Thinking of You, Aug. 11, Cleveland

Bridges, Presorted First-Class, Aug. 24, Portland, CT; no ceremony

USPS announced the bulk of its 2023 stamp program in October and December.

An addition to the Postal Service’s 2023 lineup, OSIRIS-REx, was announced last week. The stamp honors a NASA mission to collect samples from the asteroid Bennu.