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A gilded route

MN carrier happy to take the high road

The Cathedral of Saint Paul in St. Paul, MN, is part of Daniel Nerka’s route.

Daniel Nerka knows he’s got it good.

“Can’t get any better than delivering on the Hill,” the St. Paul, MN, letter carrier said.

Nerka is referring to Cathedral Hill, which gets its name from the magnificent beaux-arts cathedral that anchors this historical and architecturally rich section of Minnesota’s capital city.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is a national shrine and architectural gem whose copper-clad dome helps shape the character of the city’s downtown skyline.

Then there’s Summit Avenue, the longest stretch of Victorian-era residences in the United States.

And the James J. Hill House, built for a railroad baron and his family. The 36,000-square-foot Gilded Age mansion was named a National Historic Landmark in 1961 and is now a tourist destination.

In fact, there are walking tours that charge for the privilege of covering much of the ground that Nerka does every day.

Nerka is one of the employees taking part in “We Go Everywhere,” a USPS communications campaign that highlights the beautiful and noteworthy places that letter carriers ply their trade.

He said he’s happy to participate and showcase his route: “It’s beautiful and the customers are great.”