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Field trip

Illinois carrier’s route includes architectural delights

Letter Carrier Bruno Zuniga delivers to the art deco Tower Building, which was completed in 1929, in Elgin, IL.

Letter Carrier Bruno Zuniga appreciates the historical buildings he has delivered to in Elgin, IL.

“These structures are iconic. That’s what attracts me to them, the art of the buildings. And I can imagine how former carriers used to walk from the Post Office right out to their routes,” Zuniga said.

Located west of Chicago, Elgin is known as the city in the suburbs and has a population of almost 115,000. Its history is displayed in the many buildings Zuniga has delivered to over the years, including the Elgin History Museum (1856), Elgin Natural History Museum (1907), the Elgin Observatory (1910) and the art deco Tower Building completed in 1929.

The city was home to the Elgin National Watch Co. from 1864 to 1968. Today, Elgin is recognized for its historical architecture and landmarks from the Victorian era, including homes in the Queen Anne style. Many of the historical homes once belonged to the watch company’s executives.

Zuniga is one of several employees participating in “We Go Everywhere,” a USPS communications campaign that offers a front-row seat to some of the most beautiful and noteworthy places where postal employees conduct their rounds.

Originally from Texas, Zuniga moved to Elgin and has worked at the Elgin Post Office for 17 years.

He also takes history to heart on his job and said he continues the traditions and work habits of the colleagues he was trained by throughout his postal career.

“I try to keep the tradition of what carriers did back then alive today,” he said.