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Clever canid

USPS releases Red Fox stamp

The 40-cent Red Fox stamp is being sold in panes of 20.

The Postal Service has released Red Fox, the first of the new 23 stamps planned for 2023.

The 40-cent stamp features a common sight in most of the United States. The stamp is sold in panes of 20 and is intended for use by business mailers for circulars, newsletters and catalogs. It can also be used by customers for envelopes and packages.

Ethel Kessler, a USPS art director, designed the stamp, which features a pencil-and-watercolor illustration of a red fox. Its face is from artwork by illustrator Dugald Stermer (1936-2011), whose calligraphic labels appear in the stamp’s white background and provide the animal’s scientific name, Vulpes vulpes.

Foxes are considered intelligent and highly adaptable and can be found over much of Earth. While the red fox is the widest ranging of the species, it can also be colored gray or white but is named for its most common rusty coloration.

The stamp is available at Post Offices and