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ARIS tool helps identify applications

ARIS is the Postal Service’s new platform for requesting access to USPS applications.

The Postal Service has updated ARIS to help employees with ACE IDs easily select applications based on their job roles.

ARIS, which stands for Access Registration and Identity Services, is the organization’s new platform for requesting access to USPS digital resources on ACE computers.

Here’s how to find applications based on users’ roles:

• Go to the ARIS homepage.

• Enter your ACE ID and password to enter the site.

• Then, select “Request Access” on the menu bar.

• Next, select the “Application Roles.”

• On the “Business Application Access Request” screen, select the executive vice president organization corresponding to the application you want to request.

• Choose the application from the displayed list or enter the name of the application in the search bar with the magnifying glass icon.

This new process is expected to help expedite application requests with fewer errors.

The Postal Service plans to transition all applications to ARIS from eAccess, the current application platform, by 2024.