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Big time

New system for sharing large files

External Large File Sharing can be used for files that exceed 35 megabytes.

The Postal Service has introduced External Large File Sharing, a platform that allows users to send large files to customers, suppliers and other official business associates.

External Large File Sharing, also known as ELFS, can be used for presentations, photos, documents, videos and other files that exceed 35 megabytes.

The platform — which offers real-time editing capabilities — will hold files for only 90 days, so it shouldn’t be used as a long-term storage option.

To use External Large File Sharing, request approval through ARIS. A Requesting for ELFS Instructions document has detailed steps.

USPS employees can access training on External Large File Sharing by going to HERO and typing “SharePoint Online” in the Search window. The book “SharePoint Online Modern Experience Practical Guide: Learn Step-by-Step How to Use SharePoint Online Modern Experience” is recommended.

Contractors can receive training by going to Microsoft’s SharePoint Video Training website.

OneDrive and SharePoint Online training are also available at the O365 Champions Resources website.

For more information, go to the External Large File Sharing Blue page or send an email to