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’23 stamps update

Release dates, locales announced

The Red Fox stamp will be released Jan. 5 in Fox, AR.

The Postal Service has announced release dates and locations for a few of its early 2023 releases:

  • Red Fox, Jan. 5, Fox, AR; no ceremony
  • School Bus, Jan. 5, High Point, NC; no ceremony
  • Lunar New Year: Year of the Rabbit, Jan. 12, San Francisco
  • Love (Kitten and Puppy), Jan. 19, Austin, TX
  • Great Smoky Mountains, Jan. 22, Gatlinburg, TN; no ceremony
  • Sailboats, Jan. 22, Lahaina, HI; no ceremony
  • Black Heritage: Ernest J. Gaines, Jan. 23, Lafayette, LA.

USPS announced these stamps, along with several other planned 2023 releases, in October