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Screen dreams?

Marketing team is casting for new ads

The Postal Service is looking for employees who are interested in appearing in USPS advertising campaigns.

That catchy Holiday Ready campaign is well underway, but the marketing team isn’t done with its talent search.

For example, a spring campaign directed at business customers is right around the corner.

The spots will explain why businesses should use the Postal Service as their preferred shipper and will reinforce Delivering for America initiatives underway.

“We always like to feature the USPS workforce in our ad campaigns, and there is a year-round need for employees for a variety of marketing efforts,” said Sheila Holman, Marketing vice president.

“It is a great way to showcase the dedication, commitment and hard work of our employees across the country. Their inclusion helps to lift our brand and highlight their firsthand experiences in being a part of Delivering for America.”

Interested employees should complete the application on the employee casting website, which just recently became accessible year-round.

The site has instructions on creating and submitting videos. Employees who have trouble accessing the site from a postal computer should try using a personal device or a personal computer.