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Georgia on my mind

Extraordinary measures apply to Senate race

The Postal Service’s extraordinary measures for handling Election Mail remain in place through Dec. 9.

The Postal Service recently released guidance to ensure the timely processing of Election Mail for the Dec. 6 Georgia runoff election for the U.S. Senate.

Published Nov. 21, the Special Procedures for the Georgia Runoff Election memo is intended to supplement previously published information on general election preparedness, extraordinary measures and a postmarking.

Per the memorandum, facilities serving Georgia ZIP Codes will deploy the same extraordinary measures for Election Mail outlined in the Sept. 29 extraordinary measures memo.

Additionally, beginning Nov. 29 and continuing through Dec. 9, all originating processing facilities must use the Priority Mail Express network to transmit ballots destined for Georgia that are found to meet the following conditions:

• The ballot is destined outside the local service area; and
• The ballot would not arrive to the destination by Dec. 6, if processed in the normal First-Class Mail stream.

The memorandum also includes specific instructions for Retail and Delivery, Processing and Distribution, and Logistics operations.

Employees should familiarize themselves with the contents of the memo and all previously published guidance. All memos are located on the Election and Political Mail 2022 Blue page and at