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Extraordinary efforts

Election Mail measures still in place

The Postal Service’s extraordinary measures for handling Election Mail remain in place through Nov. 29.

The Postal Service is reminding employees that extraordinary measures related to the handling of Election Mail remain in place through Nov. 29.

The organization released a General Election Extraordinary Measures Memorandum in September that outlines specific actions to be undertaken in support of the timely delivery of Election Mail.

The memorandum includes appendices providing specific instruction for Retail and Delivery, Processing and Distribution, and Logistics operations.

Additionally, in states with an extended deadline for returning ballots after Election Day, the Postal Service must make every effort, including taking extraordinary measures, to deliver remaining undelivered ballots to the appropriate board of elections as quickly as possible and no later than the applicable extended deadline.

Employees should familiarize themselves with the contents of the memo and the reference chart of ballot return state deadlines on the Election and Political Mail 2022 Blue page.