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Know your tags

Election Mail, Political Mail handling reminder

USPS employees must follow the proper procedures for handling Green Tag 191 and Red Tag 57.

The Postal Service wants employees to remember the differences between Political Mail and Election Mail tags during this year’s election season.

Red Tag 57, for Political Mail, should be used for any political campaign mailing by a registered candidate, campaign committee and committee of a political party.

This tag also can be used for message mailings by a political action committee (PAC), a super PAC or other organizations engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization.

Green Tag 191 should only be used to identify ballot mail addressed for domestic or international delivery.

If you handle mail, follow these tips to ensure Political Mail and Election Mail are properly processed and delivered:

• Use Red Tag 57 to properly identify, document and process Political Mail using your facility’s Political Mail log.

• Use Green Tag 191 to identify ballot mail and document this mail through your facility’s Election Mail log. All ballot mail is time-sensitive and should be processed and delivered expeditiously.

• If you encounter Political Mail or ballot mail that isn’t identified with a tag, enter the mail information into the appropriate log and report the untagged mail to your local area and district customer relations managers as soon as possible.

The Election Mail and Political Mail Blue page has more information, including a list of managers for each USPS area and district.