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Display of affection

Woman uses treasured postcards to decorate

Lauren Rosa Miller looks at the postcard gallery she created in her home.

A Philadelphia woman’s use of mail to decorate her home — and honor her late father — has gone viral on social media.

Lauren Rosa Miller created a wall display in her living room, using framed postcards that her dad, Dave Miller Sr., sent while she was growing up.

Dave, who owned and operated a consulting firm, traveled frequently.

“He wrote postcards from dinner with Nelson Mandela, from the Million Man March and just to tell me ‘I love you,’” Lauren said. As she grew older, she also took to writing her dad and sending him postcards.

Before he died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2018, Dave presented Lauren with his saved collection of their correspondence. During the coronavirus pandemic, Lauren found herself spending more time at home and dealing with her grief. To honor her dad’s legacy, she framed his postcards for display.

In the spring, Lauren took to social media to share a reel of herself designing and completing the tribute. The post has received more than 3 million views, prompting coverage on Morning in America and Good Morning America.”

“I’m very satisfied and happy with the way it looks. Now when I feel like I’m missing him, I walk by and feel his presence and love. I look at them when I’m in need of inspiration,” she said. “They are a tremendous blessing.”

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