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Exception to the rule

Hatch Act allows some political activity

The Hatch Act allows postal employees to engage in some political activities, such as a running in a nonpartisan election.

The Postal Service is offering employees another reminder about the rules for participating in political activities under the Hatch Act.

The Hatch Act is a law that prohibits federal employees from engaging in certain political activity while on duty, while wearing a federal uniform or identification badge, while on federal property or while inside a federal vehicle.

The law also forbids employees from engaging in certain political activities whether or not they are on duty, such as raising money for a candidate or running for a partisan office.

However, under the Hatch Act, employees are permitted to do the following when not at work, wearing a postal uniform or occupying a postal vehicle:

• Register to vote and vote in an election
• Volunteer to participate in voter registration efforts
• Manage or volunteer with a partisan political campaign
• Attend a political fundraiser
• Donate money to a partisan candidate, party or group
• Become a member of a political party
• Hold office within a political party
• Attend a political rally, convention or meeting
• Sign a nominating petition
• Run in an election in which no candidate belongs to a political party

The Ethics Blue page has more Hatch Act resources. Employees with questions can contact their local field law office or send an email to