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Mother lode

Trove of old postal equipment uncovered

Some of the equipment returned through the scavenger hunt sits at a postal facility in Columbus, OH.

Postal Service facilities uncovered $2.57 million worth of hardware during Retail and Delivery’s first Equipment Scavenger Hunt.

Approximately 13,700 pieces of unused equipment were identified and returned during the contest, which ran from June 18 to July 8.

“Not only will we be able to recycle a large portion of this equipment back into our organization, but we also prevented several tons of electronics from being improperly dumped into landfills. Success like this is a collateral benefit of engagement, and we saw very large pockets of engagement, competition and fun all over the country,” said Technology Transformation Manager JeNard Gibson.

Facilities were required to complete an online submission form — which included the item type, serial number (when applicable) and a return tracking number — and will be awarded prizes based on the monetary value of the returned items.

The final results show the top office with the most equipment nationwide was Royal Oaks in Sacramento, CA, with $26,102.

Southern was the top area with $1.03 million in returned equipment, while Texas 2 led the districts, returning $246,000 worth of equipment.

Prizes will also be awarded to the top offices in each area and individual participants.