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Raiders of the lost stuff

Scavenger hunt seeks old postal equipment

Old scanners, cash drawers and printers are among the items that the Postal Service wants facilities to return.

If you have old, unused postal technology sitting around your workplace, you have an opportunity to return it to USPS — and maybe win a prize in the process.

The Postal Service is sponsoring its first Equipment Scavenger Hunt, a contest to locate and return unused computer, retail, delivery and networking equipment.

The contest, which began June 18 and runs through July 8, is open to Post Office employees in the chief retail and delivery officer’s organization.

To return an item, a facility must complete an online submission form that includes the item type, serial number (when applicable) and a return tracking number.

Gas cards, food and other prizes will be awarded based on the monetary value of the returned items.

Winners will be selected for the office that returns the most equipment nationwide, along with the top three offices in each USPS area. Awards will also be presented to individuals.

The Equipment Scavenger Hunt website has more information.