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Elephants stamp dedicated in TN

Jeffery Adams, USPS corporate communications vice president, shakes hands with Richard Rhoda, board chairman of the Elephant Sanctuary, at the Elephant Discovery Center in Hohenwald, TN, where the new Elephants stamp was dedicated.

The Postal Service released its latest Forever stamp, Elephants, at the Elephant Discovery Center in Hohenwald, TN, on Aug. 12 — the 10th anniversary of World Elephant Day.

“We love elephants because of their physical characteristics, social intelligence, capacity for empathy, self-awareness, teamwork and because they share so many of our own best qualities,” said USPS Corporate Communications Vice President Jeffery Adams, who helped dedicate the stamp.

“What a pleasure it is to honor these magnificent creatures on World Elephant Day with a beautiful Forever stamp.”

The cheerful, childlike stamp depicts a mother elephant and calf under a blazing orange sun. Rafael López illustrated and designed the stamp and Derry Noyes was art director.

Janice Zeitlin, chief executive officer of the Elephant Sanctuary, joined Adams for the event.

“The release of the Elephants Forever stamp offers an exciting opportunity to highlight the importance of elephants as a keystone species and to help spread awareness of the challenges they face in captivity and the wild,” Zeitlin said.

The Discovery Center is overseen by the Elephant Sanctuary, the largest refuge for the pachyderms in North America. It covers more than 3,060 acres and is home to 28 elephants retired by owners or businesses. The sanctuary’s mission is to care for these retirees and to educate the public on the needs and challenges facing both captive and wild elephants.

Joining Adams and Zeitlin were Vicki Yates, a Nashville TV news anchor who served as emcee; Todd Montgomery, senior manager of external relations for the Elephant Sanctuary; Dan Ashe, president and chief executive officer of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums; Richard Rhoda, the sanctuary board’s chair; Breanne Black of Working Dogs for Conservation; and Crystal Nash, director of the Lewis County Public Library and Archives.

The first World Elephant Day was held in 2012 as “a day to honor elephants, to spread awareness about the critical threats they are facing, and to support positive solutions that will help insure their survival,” according to the worldwide campaign’s website.

The Elephants stamp is being issued in booklets of 20 and is available at Post Offices and