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USPS to release Elephants stamp

The Elephants stamp depicts a mother and calf beneath an orange sun.

Cue the boppy clarinet.

The Postal Service’s new Elephants stamp, like the Henry Mancini tune “Baby Elephant Walk,” is cheerful, lighthearted and childlike — fun and simple without being simplistic.

The stamp, which depicts a mother and calf beneath an orange sun, will be released Aug. 12, World Elephant Day.

Americans have long loved these complex, sensitive creatures, but they were not always conscientious in caring for them.

Thankfully, the past few decades have seen great strides in elephant welfare. More are being freed from captivity and the importing of ivory is banned.

Rafael Lopez was the stamp’s artist and designer. Derry Noyes served as art director.

The Forever stamp is being issued in booklets of 20. They will be available at Post Offices and on