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Saving green

Utilities cost reduction program to expand

The Utility Management System helps USPS manage energy consumption.

The Postal Service is expanding an effort that helps reduce utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions at USPS facilities.

The Utility Management System (UMS) captures cost and use data for electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, steam and fuel oil at facilities.

For instance, UMS data shows the organization’s energy consumption for heating, lighting and other utilities was $588 million in the previous fiscal year.

Since 2008, the organization has used the program to process invoices for approximately 6,000 facilities. To meet the Postal Service’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent by 2030, UMS will add 300 facilities this year and 3,000 facilities next year.

Information gathered through the system has helped manage energy consumption, prioritize energy infrastructure investments and improve pricing for utility contracts.

Facilities that meet certain eligibility criteria will be contacted by the office of Environmental Affairs and Corporate Sustainability to be included in the UMS.

For additional information, email the UMS team.