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Stormwater policy reminder

Take precautions when washing vehicles outside

USPS employees and contractors must follow the organization’s “zero discharge” policy when washing vehicles outside.

USPS is reminding employees and contractors to prevent hazardous chemicals from entering the environment and waterways when washing postal vehicles outside.

The organization’s zero discharge policy prohibits postal employees and contractors from releasing oil, grease, metals, acids and other pollutants into outdoor drains and stormwater systems.

When washing vehicles outside, employees and contractors must:

• Use either dry wash or high-vapor steam techniques (no wash water generated) or a wet wash with wash water collected or contained, vacuumed into a tank or container and transported off site for proper wastewater management.

• Use a covered area that is protected from stormwater run-on and runoff when washing vehicles in the rain.

• Not release or discharge any wash water or pollutants into stormwater systems.

The Vehicle Washing Requirements Environmental Compliance Bulletin and on the Environmental Compliance Blue page has additional information.

Facilities can establish vehicle washing contracts through the Vehicles, Delivery and Industrial Equipment Category Management Center.