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Booting reboots

ACE computers in line for new software

Microsoft’s Monthly Enterprise Channel will be installed on all ACE computers.

The Postal Service will begin installing new software on ACE computers in August that will result in more manageable updates and fewer required reboots.

The software is Microsoft’s Monthly Enterprise Channel, or MEC, and will provide ACE users with new features, performance improvements and monthly security patches.

“The new process of regular updates allows for regimented maintenance to keep ACE workstations modernized with the latest features,” said Julie Batchelor, endpoint technology executive director. “What used to take up to a year will now occur monthly, thanks to the integration of MEC.”

Batchelor explained that before now, new features would be installed on ACE computers once or twice a year with security patches added each month.

“ACE computer users will experience smaller, more manageable updates and features with minimal interruptions due to required reboots or shutdown of software,” she said. “They will also receive a more modern, connected and highly collaborative experience with updates performed on a more predictable basis.”

The new software includes Read Aloud, which lets users listen to email. Another tool allows users to dictate into Word or PowerPoint documents using a microphone. Microsoft 365 will offer word suggestions when users write messages.

All ACE workstations should have the new software installed by mid-September.