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USPS to isolate computers missing upgrades

ACE computers missing security patches will be electronically quarantined from the USPS computer network until the patches are installed.

The Postal Service is alerting ACE computer users that machines missing the latest security patches will be electronically isolated or quarantined from the postal network until the upgrades have been installed.

Computers are automatically checked when connected to the postal network to ensure they have installed the latest Microsoft Windows operating system security patches, which are typically released every month.

In June, computers missing April or May security patches will be electronically quarantined from the network until the patches are installed.

During quarantine, users will lose access to email, OneDrive and other applications. Access will be limited solely to downloading software patches.

To prevent quarantine, employees must keep ACE computers connected to the organization’s network or to the postal VPN to ensure they receive the latest software security upgrades.

Computers missing security patches will automatically receive:

  • Targeted notifications on the second Tuesday of each month with instructions for installing current patches;
  • Weekly pop-up alerts; and
  • Pop-ups every eight hours beginning four days prior to quarantine.

Installation of security patches may begin within 48-72 hours.

Quarantined machines will be rechecked for current security patches every two hours and removed from quarantine automatically when up to date.

Use the Unpatched Systems app to check the status of a computer. For more information, click the help icon on any page of the app.