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Don’t sleep

Keep ACE computers powered on

Staying connected to the network allows USPS to make overnight and weekend security and software updates.

If you use an ACE computer, don’t turn it off.

Whether you work remotely or in a Postal Service office, USPS wants all ACE users to always keep their laptops and desktops powered on and connected to the organization’s network.

This allows the Postal Service to make overnight and weekend security and software updates, which helps protect the computer network and ensures computers run smoother with fewer glitches.

Here’s what ACE users must do:

• Stay connected to the USPS network when working remotely. This will ensure your virtual private network (VPN) is always connected, which means you’ll have to reconnect at least every day.

• Don’t shut down computers or put them into sleep mode, which cuts them off from the postal network and prevents them from receiving updates.

• Instead of shutting down an ACE computer, lock it by selecting the Control, Alt and Delete keys on the keyboard. The desktop screen will display several options. Choose “Lock.”

The CyberSafe at USPS Blue page has additional information on protecting the organization’s computer network.