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Big D

The little Post Office that could, and does

Employees gather outside the Dallas, PA, Post Office. From left are Postmaster Melissa Berti; Mary Beth Amadoro, a retail associate; Jeffrey Wallace, a rural carrier; Cheryl Weidner, a retail associate; and Nicholas Stemmer, a letter carrier.

The Dallas Post Office is known for its impressive performance.

The tiny hamlet in northeast Pennsylvania — you thought we meant the other one? — has a team of employees that makes Postmaster Melissa Berti beam.

“We are just a unique family,” Berti said, and cites four employees to prove her point.

Jeffrey Wallace, a rural carrier, is one of them.

“He’s an outstanding employee,” Berti said of Wallace, whom she recently awarded an Employee of the Year certificate.

Next up for praise are retail associates Mary Beth Amadoro and Cheryl Weidner.

“They go above and beyond,” Berti said, a fact borne out by the 19 consecutive positive Retail Customer Experience scores the office has received.

She then turns her attention to Nicholas Stemmer, a letter carrier Berti praises for his work as a certified on-the-job instructor, where he has an excellent track record of helping new carriers learn the ropes.

The postmaster’s pride is backed up by numbers. Revenue is up more than 8 percent compared with this year’s estimates, and 1 percent over the same period last year.

This puts the Dallas Post Office on the leading edge of the Postal Service’s efforts to implement Delivering for America, its 10-year plan to achieve financial sustainability and improve service.

Perhaps the success of this “unique family” is best summed up by Wallace: “We are always willing to help do what we can to the best of our abilities.”