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It’s better safe

Michigan employees affirm workplace pledge

Victoria Davis, a Warren, MI, city carrier assistant, signs her office’s safety pledge.

Warren, MI Post Office employees recently pledged to maintain a safe working environment and to avoid injuries while delivering mail.

Many of the employees took a similar safety pledge in 2019.

However, with nearly one third of the employees newly hired — including 75 who were hired within the last year — the time was right to renew the safety commitment with management and labor, said Kristine McCann, the officer in charge.

“I want us all to be engaged in safety,” she said.

John Syacsure, the National Association of Letter Carriers local branch president and union steward, credited management for providing carriers with safety equipment such as winter weather cleats for steady walking on snow and ice.

“We stress with our newly hired employees that everything they do starts with safety,” he said.

Fostering a culture of safety is one of the Postal Service’s priorities and a tenet of Delivering for America, the organization’s 10-year plan.

Victoria Davis, a recently hired city carrier assistant, was among the Michigan employees who took the safety pledge to heart.

“I want to avoid an injury. I’m a new employee and want to have a career with the Postal Service,” she said.