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Celebrate Diversity Month

Virtual fair concludes soon

Employees can participate in the event through the USPS Celebrate Diversity Virtual Fair website.

The Postal Service’s Celebrate Diversity Month virtual fair will conclude May 12.

The fair, which began April 12, allows participants to roam “halls” and enter “booths” dedicated to the ways we are different.

These include booths devoted to race, ethnicity and gender. Other topics include neurodiversity; health, military and veterans; indigenous groups and folklore; generational cohorts; and sports, leisure and hobbies.

A networking lounge allows users to meet the most recent Employee Engagement Leader of the Year Award recipients and national finalists, and learn more about the Postal Service’s 363 certified engaged teams.

All USPS employees are invited to attend by going to the USPS Celebrate Diversity Virtual Fair website.

Participation is voluntary. Nonexempt employees may only participate off the clock or during authorized breaks.

For more information, email the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team at