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Out of many, one

Celebrate Diversity Month fair begins April 12

Employees can participate in the event through the USPS Celebrate Diversity Virtual Fair website.

The USPS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team will host a virtual fair, beginning in April, to mark Celebrate Diversity Month, a time set aside to honor the diversity that is a longtime hallmark of the Postal Service.

“‘E pluribus unum’ is inscribed on all coins minted in the United States. It is Latin for ‘out of many, one.’ The strength of America has always been its diversity, and the same is true of the modern Postal Service,” said Jeryl Wilson, diversity, equity and inclusion director.

The fair, which begins April 12, will be a lifelike simulation of a real-life event.

Participants will enter a virtual meeting space and be greeted at the entrance by Wilson and given a fair map. They will then be free to roam the halls and enter booths dedicated to the ways we are different.

There are the obvious — race, ethnicity and gender — but the fair seeks to go beyond traditional categories to explore other differences.

There will be booths on neurodiversity, health, military and veterans, indigenous groups and folklore, generational cohorts, and even sports, leisure and hobbies.

A networking lounge will offer users the chance to meet the most recent Engagement Leader of the Year Award recipients and national finalists, and learn more about the Postal Service’s 363 certified engaged teams.

There will also be the chance to create a “portrait of your soul”: After answering a set of questions about diversity in its many forms, a digital painting will be generated, a colorful event keepsake.

The fair will remain open until May 12 with links and prerecordings.

All employees are invited to attend by going to the USPS Celebrate Diversity Virtual Fair website.

Participation is voluntary. Nonexempt employees may only participate off the clock or during authorized breaks.

For more information, email the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team at