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TLC in the trenches

Occupational health nurses to be honored

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses created this poster to promote this week’s activities.

Occupational Health Nurses Week, a time to honor the medical professionals who keep employees safe and sound at work, runs April 3-9 this year.

At USPS, which has more than 100 occupational nurses in its employ, duties include conducting preemployment screenings, health checks and fitness-for-duty exams.

They also ensure implementation and compliance with occupational health programs and initiatives, assist and guide the Reasonable Accommodation Committee, provide emergency care and serve as the primary point of contact for medical services contracts, among other responsibilities.

The coronavirus pandemic has only underscored their vital role. At its height, occupational nurses may have been called on to administer vaccines, handle contact tracing, provide personal protective equipment, track employees in quarantine and make decisions on when an employee could return to work.

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses has created a special “thank you” card as a PDF that can be downloaded and personalized by anyone who wishes to show appreciation for these unsung heroes.

The Occupational Safety and Health Blue page has more information about occupational health nurses and their contributions to the Postal Service.