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American treasures

Priority Mail stamps honor U.S. landmarks

Colorful stamps featuring landmarks
USPS released the Monument Valley stamp, left, and the Palace of Fine Arts stamp Feb. 14.

Two new stamps designed for use with Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express were issued by the Postal Service on Feb. 14.

The Priority Mail stamp depicts Monument Valley in Utah, a wonder of the American West with vast sandstone formations, vivid colors and vibrant plant life.

It is denominated at $8.95, the current price for a Priority Mail envelope.

The Priority Mail Express stamp features an image of San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, an architectural gem in the Marina District that draws visitors from around the world.

It is denominated at $26.95, the current price for a flat-rate Priority Mail Express envelope.

Dan Cosgrove created the digital illustrations used in both stamps, with Greg Breeding serving as art director.

While each stamp was released at the location it depicts, there were no dedication ceremonies.

The stamps are available at and Post Offices nationwide.